The UP route is unique as far as the whole territory of Poland is concerned. It's the combination of ultra competitions run at both, asphalt and off-road surface. UP's specificity is connected with the fact that the "heart" of the competition is located in a busy center of a large city, Rzeszów, which is surrounded by a net of smaller towns and villages. Another characteristics - apart from the surface - is the landscape. UP50, 70 and 115 all start at a flat terrain, then after 8 kilometers the rivalisation takes place in an undulating landscape requiring dynamic up-runs.All these aspects contribute to the beauty of the route, adding to its diversity.
The UP is to be run at three distances: 52 km, 70 km and 115km.
The shortest distance is dedicated to ultramarathon rookies. The UP 70 route is meant for up and down runs' lovers who will be pleased to run plenty of them. The longest route is meant for experienced ultramarathon runners who like competition in various types of landscapes, also in the flat ones, as after 60 km of the route its landscape changes due to the borderland location of Rzeszow, near the Middle Beskidy Foothills and the Sandomierz Basin.
Together with the three already mentioned UP distances, there will be Wislok Trail 30 organised, run at the UP50 route, at the Tyczyn - Rzeszow Market stage.

Route profiles:


1. Route - UP52 ( ) 52,4 km +/- 857 m.


Profil trasy UP50



2. Route - UP70  )  70,6 km +/- 1312 m.


Profil trasy UP70



3. Route - UP110  )  116,0 km +/- 1674 m.


Profil trasy UP110



4. Route - Wisłok Trail  ) 30,0 km +/- 422 m.

Profil trasy Wisłok Trail

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