Terms and Conditions

The Statue of the 3rd  Subcarpathian Ultramarathon


To promote the Sub-Carpathian region in Poland and around the world.

To promote the city of Rzeszow and other partner towns and cities. To promote long-distance runs.

To promote long-distance running.

To promote running as an active way of spending time.

To spread the idea of a healty lifestyle and to prevent addictions among the adolescents and the adults.

To integrate the community of the ultramarathons’ runners.



The Ultra Run Assocciation

36-001 Trzebownisko 1056a

The General Manager of the Competition– Lucyna Sroka (mobile: +48 504 291 884)

The Main Judge of the Competition - Robert Korab (mobile: +48 602 780 941)

The media contact – Katarzyna Żebrakowska (mobile: +48 503 399 874)

The route backup – Wojciech Sroka (mobile: +48 512 174 719)

The voluntary service coordination – Małgorzata Gałda (mobile: +48 604 201 719)


the competition’s webpage: www.ultramaratonpodkarpacki.pl.



The starting and finishing line of the following distances:

- UP 50, UP 70, UP 115 – Rzeszów, the Main Square,

- WT – starting line: Tyczyn, the Main Square; finishing line – Rzeszów, the Main Square

The day of the start: 7th May, 2016

Starting time for the following distances:

- UP 50 and UP 70 – 5:00,

- WT 30 – 8:00.

Competition’s office: ROSiR Rzeszow, 13 Pulaskiego Street.



The route, which does not require using map-orientation skills, mostly follows the yellow trail leading round Rzeszow through roads and paths, forests, fields and meadows. The undulating lay of the land prevails (concerns UP30, UP 50, UP 70 and the first part of UP150). The whole route is diverse and demands a really good shape. The roads are mostly paved, many asphalt sections appear.

The Subcarpathian Marathon (UP) is run at three distances:

UP 50 – around 50 km – time limit 9 hours,

UP 70 – around 70 km -  time limit 14 hours,

UP 115 – around 115 km – time limit 18 hours.

Together with UP there is also WT (Wislok Trail) to be held

- WT – around 30 km – time limit 5,5 h.

One is supposed to choose the distance while joining the competition and must not change it later than two weeks before the competition. Changing the distance can be accomplished by mailing the appropriate form from the address used while registering.

- In case of distance extension the Contestant is obliged to pay of the fee differential within seven days since receiving Organizers distance extension approval. The required fee is equal with the competition entrance fee valid in the day of informing the Organizer about the distance extension.

- In case of shortening the distance the Organizer does not return the fee differential.

During the competition there is no possibility of changing the distance. Finishing different than previously declared distance excludes classification. 

Maps, profiles and detailed descriptions of all the routes together with proportional descriptions of surface types will be included in a separate post on the competition’s webpage. The whole route will be clearly and unambiguously marked with tapes and, depending on the weather conditions, with chalk. Additionally, the contestants will receive maps including the UP’s routes marked and the gpx waypoints  (to be downloaded from the competition’s webpage).

Partial limits at scheduled control points:

UP 50

Tyczyn – 23 km – 4h

Grzybek – 34 km – 6h 15 min

UP 70

Tyczyn – 23 km – 4h

Grzybek – 34 km – 6h 15 min

Zgłobień – 54 km – 9h 30 min

UP 115

Tyczyn – 23 km – 4h

Grzybek – 34 km – 6h 15 min

Zgłobień – 54 km – 9h 30 min

Trzciana – 69 km – 11h 45 min

Głogów Młp – 90,5 km – 14h 30 min

Nowa Wieś – 105 km – 16h 15 min



There are following limits in the number of Contestants:

WT – 200 people,

UP 50 – 150 people,

UP 70 – 150 people,

UP 115 – 100 people.

Organizer reserves the right to extend the limit.



The contestant has to be 18 or more (turning 18 on the day of competition is acceptable).
The contestants have to declare that they participate in the run at their own responsibility. Contestants will not be allowed to participate in the competition unless they sign the declaration denying any contra-indications concerning their ability to take part in the ultrmarathon while collecting their starting sets. Additionally personal data verification is necessary.
It is forbidden to run with animals.



To apply one needs to fill in an online application (available on the competition’s webpage – www.ultramaratonpodkarpacki.pl ).

Correctly filled in application together with paid application fee constitute accomplished application.

The application procedure is due to begin on the 5th of January, 2016, at midday.

Once the application limit on a given route is achieved, the application for this distance is to be blocked and the enlisted contestants will be asked to pay the entrance fee. During the enrolment process the limit is to be exceeded by 10% - additional applications will be held on the standby list.

Everyone who has filled in the application form and appeared in the contestants’ list, receives application’s confirmation together with instructions of paying entrance fee within a deadline of seven days.

In case the entrance fee is paid after the deadline, it will be returned.

After the starting list’s verification, should there be any places available, the Organizer will transfer people from the standby list to the main starting list. The procedure is to be repeated until the limits are reached. The list will be included and updated on the competition’s website.

Personal data of the registered contestants is to be processed as defined in the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883 with further changes). Sharing one’s personal data and agreeing on its processing are voluntary, yet condition one’s participation in the event.



WT 30:

70 zl – up to January 20th,  2016,

90 zl – up to March 31st, 2016,

130 zl – up to April 20th, 2016.

UP 50:

80 zl - up to January 20th,  2016,

100 zl - up to March 31st, 2016,

140 zl - up to April 20th, 2016,

110 zl - up to March 31st, 2016,

150 zl - up to April 20th, 2016.

UP 70:

90 zl - up to January 20th,  2016,

110 zl - up to March 31st, 2016,

150 zl - up to April 20th, 2016

UP 115:

110 zl - up to January 20th,  2016,

130 zl - up to March 31st, 2016,

170 zl - up to April 20th, 2016.

Applications are to be received up to April 20th , 2016.

The registration fee is to be transferred to the organizer’s bank account:

 ( mBank – 33 1140 2004 0000 3402 7495 9459)

  Transfer reference :  *the type of contest , the contestant’s name, the year of birth.

  WT 30, UP 50, UP 70, UP 115.

The registration fee cannot be reimbursed. It is possible to hand over the starting pack to someone else only in an exceptional situation and after reaching an agreement with the organizer, however one can use such a solution only up to April 20th.

The organizer does not remain responsible for missing the money transfer due to the post office or bank’s fault.



The following benefits are guaranteed on the grounds of registration fee:

  • judge’s service and time measurement,
  • signposted route and its printed map
  • WT 30 contestants are to be transported from Rzeszow to the starting point
  • beverages and food on the run’s route
  • a nutritious and regenerative meal after the run
  • a commemorative medal (for those who finish their distance)
  • medical support on the route
  • accident insurance
  • two free night’s lodgings at the sports center ( foam mattress, sleeping bag and changing shoes are compulsory ) for the contestants who declare their willingness of staying at our center in the application form

Depending on the sponsors’ generosity, the organizer supposes extending the benefits possible. Receiving optional prizes is conditioned by one’s appearance during the decoration ceremony.



During the race each contestant is obliged to possess the compulsory equipment which is to be checked and the lack of which results in disqualification. The compulsory equipment includes:

  • One’s starting number (placed on one’s chest ,exposed and readable)
  • A mobile phone with a battery charged for the duration of the run (it is advisable to enter the organizers’ numbers into your mobile’s memory – the numbers given during the registration)
  • The first aid blanket
  • A water bottle(s) – with the capacity of at least 0,5 liter
  • The elements of retroreflective material on your clothes.
  • A head-lamp and red, back lighting for the UP 115 contestants.


All the UP distances have separate OPEN Female and Male classifications, there is also to be held a separate classification for the emergency services.

The emergency services contestants are also to be classified in the OPEN classification.

Age groups classification is not an option In the UP.



All the UP contestants should adhere to the following rules:

  • Fair-play,
  • Self-sufficiency – third party’s help is forbidden,
  • Traffic – code rules
  • Adhering to any commands of the emergency services and Organizers’ services supporting the safety of the route

It is prohibited:

  • to interfere in the marking of the route,
  • to progress outside the route,
  • to clutter,
  • to destroy the surrounding nature.


Any failure in obeying the rules results in disqualification – in such a situation the contestant has not got the right for the registration fee return.

The contestants participate at their own responsibility.

The organizer reserves the right to change the statue. Should such a situation occur, the notice will be posted on the competition’s webpage.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel the competition or its particular distances in case of not reaching the minimal amount of contestants (20 % of contestants in a given distance) or at any other reason regardless of the organizer doings.

For the safety reasons, the organizer reserves the right to shorten the route, change the beginning of the marathon time, to stop or cancel the run due to poor weather conditions or elemental disaster without the possibility of registration fee return.

The contestant is obliged to inform the organizers of the UP about their intention of withdrawal from the competition. Should such a situation happen, the organizers are not bound to provide transport to the UP’s office.

The route is supervised not only by the judges positioned In the check-points but also by the covert ones positioned at various points of the route.

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