Subcarpathian Ice-Marginal Valley – 25 km

podkarpacka pradolina 2016It was an exceptional occassion to see the part of UP 115 km route where only the boldest decide to go!

The weather surprised us all – we expected ice and snow and thus the posters included winter features, and yet it was the sun that has welcomed us while running with snow crunching here and there occasionally.

110 people participated in the event – 75 in the advanced group and 35 in the primary one. This time we met in Rzeszow and were taken to the starting point in Trzciana by buses. Leaving the village , we passed ponds and found ourselves in a beautifully stretching pine forest – really, really stretching for kilometres – full of long, straight tracks challenging and encouraging us to run faster and faster, talking and sharing our “running plans” for this year. It was really great to see all of you who have decided to spend Sunday forenoon with us again and of course those of you who have joined us for the first time (we even had a runner for whom it was the longest run ever – wow! Good for her! – she will never forget us as such starts are unforgettable J )

There was service waiting for us on the 15th kilometre and the Volunteers – Marcin, Agnieszka and Paweł – were distributing hot drinks and some food. Mandarins and cookies were disappearing in a flash. Actually, once again have we realized the value of support accompanying us.

After quick meal both groups continued – we had the worst part of the route within 5 kilometers to come. Long, asphalt, slightly undulating, appearing totally innocent surrounded with meadows in May, yet after 85 kilometers already run, this part is a killer.... This time it was only a trial run, however the leaders nagged all the participants not to stay behind - that could be compared to Shepherds herding their sheep – as safety is always first...

We ran into Glogow Małopolski, glanced at the Sports Center which is meant to be our food and control point during UP in May and covered last 500 meters to the local community center where our service car and our equipment were waiting for us. There was something more awaiting for us... Our dearest Volunteers – Basia and Zyga – prepared a party for us – hot broccoli cream soup, home baked bread (by Zyga) with home made schmaltz, cookies, tea and coffee let us all recover. Traditionally we distributed by lots some UP gifts and ...

… it’s not a secret – our last trip is plannes on March, 6th – you may already feel invited, the trip will be extraordinary as we want to sum up the UP preparation trips, we are already working on the route, transport, logistics and other mysterious elements of the undertaking...

We wholeheartedly invite you!!! 


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